We specialize in custom welding and metal fabrication.

We specialize in custom welding and metal fabrication, supporting the Bozeman, Big Sky, and surrounding area’s construction industry. We provide and install fabricated metal components for buildings.  Including structural components such as concrete embeds, pan deck, beams, and columns, to architectural staircases, railings, and other metal details.

Our Work

  • Structural Steel
  • Stairs and Railing
  • Interior Architectural Metalwork
  • Exterior Architectural Metalwork

Our expertise is in providing fabricated steel products for the construction industry.  We have a diverse team of experienced metalworkers, ranging from structural steel welding and erection experts to craftsmen skilled in detailed finish work.  Our welders are AWS certified to ensure we can meet or exceed whatever requirements are needed for your project.  Our experience, professionalism, and attention to quality means we can successfully complete a wide range of projects.

Shop fabrication of structural steel components

Onsite welding and steel erection

Fabrication and installation of architectural building metalwork

Drafting structural steel shop drawings and CAD design using 3D modeling technology

General metal fabrication and welding repair services

Services & Capabilities

Our decades of experience working with contractors, architects, designers, and homeowners, along with the ability to produce shop drawings and 3D renderings in-house, allows us to quickly turn around large projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly solve any complications that may arise during a project.